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Future technology, culture and learning

Future Technology, Culture and Learning is an interdisciplinary research programme focusing on the convergence of emerging technology and cultural learning processes.

Through ethnographic studies, the programme investigates the use and design of technologies in situated contexts in various aspects of professional life.

The programme focuses on emerging technology and cultural learning processes, asking research questions such as:

How do technologies become culturally imagined, adopted, and materialized as artefacts and embedded in individual and shared activities?

Research themes include:

  • technological literacy,
  • applied neuroscience and cognition
  • human-robot interaction
  • handicap psychology and technology.

The programme is directed by Professor Cathrine Hasse and based at the Danish School of Education. ​

Project manager

"A common foundation in our research programme is theories of learning. The way people learn will change dramatically with the employment of new technologies like robots and automated processes running on algorithms. When our environment is developing towards a technological algorithm-driven ecosystem, it will also transform how people as a whole develop. Humankind has always been in a state of change, but the new technologies, and the way they are managed and distributed globally, are creating a profound and consequential, new type of diversity in how and what we learn, which will impact human development." - Professor Cathrine Hasse and Stine Trentemøller