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Responsible AI

Virginia Dignum visits Aarhus University on February 25-26, 2020, for a conversation about Responsible AI.

2019.11.04 | Katrine Stæhr Bonde

Date Tue 25 Feb Wed 26 Feb
Time 09:00    18:00
Location Preben Hornung-stuen, Studenternes Hus

Virginia Dignum visits Aarhus University on February 25, 15-18. 

Dignum is Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Umeå University in Sweden and Scientific Director of WASP-HS, a multidisciplinary research program exploring the relation between artificial intelligence systems, humans, and society. 

Dignum will address the ethical implications of artificial intelligence systems as they integrate and replace traditional social structures in new sociocognitive-technological environments. The talk will be based on her new book "Responsible Artificial Intelligence" and include a discussion of issues related to design processes, the behavior of Intelligent Systems, and the integrity of researchers, technologists, and manufacturers as they design, construct, use, and manage artificially intelligent systems. 

What are the moral decisions behind the behavior of artificial autonomous systems such as agents and robots? What ethical principles should be included in the development and the use of these systems? How do we base design methodologies for social agents on societal, moral and legal values?

The talk is on February 25, 15-18. The talk will be followed by a wine reception.


On February 26, 9-12, Human Futures hosts a roundtable seminar with Virginia Dignum.

Professor Dignum will respond to short presentations from local researchers in a conversation on responsible AI. If you want to participate in the debate and do a short presentation (5 minutes), please send an email to  katrine.s.b@cc.au.dk

Confirmed roundtable presenters:

- Simon Enni, Ph.D. Student, Institute of Computer Science, Aarhus University

- Jens Christian Krarup Bjerring: Associate Professor of Philosophy, School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University

- Johanna Seibt: Professor of Philosophy, School of Cultre and Society, Aarhus University 


The event is free.