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Posthumanism 20/20 - POSTPONED!

The conference has been postponed due to the situation with the coronavirus.

2019.11.04 | Katrine Stæhr Bonde

Date Thu 11 Jun Fri 12 Jun
Time 10:00    18:00
Location Aarhus Institute for Advanced Studies, Aarhus University

The conference has been postponed due to the situation with the coronavirus. We hope to hold the conference in October 2020. We will update this site with more information as soon as possible. ______________________________________________

Posthumanism has become an established field in the humanities with multiple connections to other domains of research and thinking. The work in the field addresses crucial contemporary issues such as the environment, biotechnology, gender, and education. While the diversity of the field is in many ways a strength, it also causes reflection on whether there is a uniting core or the branches are moving apart – as is, for instance, seen in the distance between the Anthropocene and transhumanism. 

The keynote will be given by Cary Wolfe, professor at Rice University, the author of several volumes, including “What is Posthumanism?”, and the editor of University of Minnesota Press’ Posthumanities Series.

In this conference we will ask what presently constitutes posthumanism and how it interferes with society. As some issues that used to be marginal have become almost mainstream, what are the frontiers or unresolved questions? What can the ideas and values of posthumanism bring to the larger table of contemporary discourse and politics?

Several researchers from different fields are going to give lectures on Posthumanism at the conference.