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Human and Machine Cooperation

A seminar on the cooperation of human and artificial intelligence with Jacob Sherson.

2019.08.13 | Miriam Yasmin Tarp Yamil

Date Thu 19 Sep
Time 12:00 13:30
Location Room 1586-114

Jacob Friis Sherson

Human Futures invites everyone to come and join our series of BROWN BAG SEMINARS. On September 19, Jacob Friis Sherson will visit us and speak about human and machine cooperation.

Jacob Friis Sherson is a professor MSO at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Aarhus University. Sherson has worked with human and machine intelligence through different interdisciplinary studies. One of his latest projects was the development of a freely accessible computer game through which players could contribute with data on human behavior and intuition—creating a 'democratic' and publicly accessible alternative to the data accumulation done by corporations like Google, Facebook and Apple. Sherson is interested in investigating the strengths of human intuition and intelligence, which will help us create cooperative systems between humans and machines.

Jacob Friis Sherson will do the main talk at this seminar, and Johanna Seibt (Philosophy) and Jacob Wamberg (Art History) will be his respondents.

There will be coffee and cookies, and you are welcome to bring your lunch bag along and join the discussion. No registration needed.

Follow the lecture electronically 

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