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Explainable AI

Understanding data-driven societies with Ira Assent.

2019.08.13 | Miriam Yasmin Tarp Yamil

Date Thu 10 Oct
Time 12:00 13:30
Location Room 1481-262 (Nobelparken)

Ira Assent

Human Futures invites everyone to come and join our series of BROWN BAG SEMINARS. On October 10, Ira Assent will visit us and speak about Explainable AI.

Ira Assent is a professor in data-intensive systems at the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University. At this seminar she will discuss Explainable AI, which is a research field concerned with discussions on the transparency, accuracy and validity of the underlying models, assumptions and data sources used in relation to data-driven services and tools that use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Data Visualization. The question here is, how can we bring transparency, explanations and accountability to these "smart" systems that more and more impact our daily life?

Ira Assent will give the main talk at this seminar and Kristoffer Nielbo (CHCAA) will be her respondent.


There will be coffee and cookies (not the ones on your computer), and you are welcome to bring along your lunch bag and join the discussion. No registration needed.