Lea Skewes on Gender
Karin Christiansen on Human Enhancement
Cathrine Hasse on Education and the Posthuman

2017.04.22 | Seminar

Notes from seminar on Individuality and Collectivity

Photos and a brief summary

Peter Danholt giving an introductory talk
Keynote Annette Markham
Keynote Alfred Nordmann

2017.04.10 | Seminar

Notes from seminar on Methodological challenges for the humanities

Photos and a brief summary

2017.02.28 | Seminar

Seminar: Methodological challenges for the humanities

Seminar in April.

2017.02.27 | Seminar

Seminar on individuality and collectivity

The research project "Human Futures" will host a small seminar on agency, politics and research with a focus on gender and bioethics.

2016.12.21 | Conference

Human Futures off to a promising start

Notes from the opening conference 8.12-9.12.16 at Stakladen, Aarhus

2016.10.20 | Conference

Luciano Floridi as keynote speaker

We are excited to announce the renowned philosopher Luciano Fioridi as keynote speaker for the opening conference of Human Futures in December. Luciano Floridi, who is currently Professor at the University of Oxford, has contributed to establishing Philosophy of Information and Information Ethics as key philosophical areas. His recent books…

2016.09.23 | Course

Honours programme ready for take-off

As part of the development of talent initiatives at the Faculty of Arts, we offer a pilot course in Posthuman Aesthetics designed specifically for the pool of talent at the faculty. We have found 15 bright and motivated students who will have the pleasure of working closely together with each other and members of the research environment at Aarhus…

Johannes Poulsen lectures on superheros

2016.07.01 | Course

Open online course in Posthuman Aesthetics

Begins late September.

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