The exhibition End-User. Photo by Kåre Viemose
Aimee van Wynsberghe

2018.09.12 | Seminar

Art, ethics and the future of sex robots

Aimee van Wynsberghe visited Human Futures on September 6th

2018.04.24 | People

Cyborganics: a video

With financial support from Human Futures, Raune Frankjær had this wonderful video made for her research project on Cyborganics.

2017.11.08 | Lecture/talk

Bernard Stiegler to visit Aarhus in February

A public lecture and graduate seminar

2017.09.13 | Research news

What is human?

The research project Human Futures has made a video addressing some of the most pressing questions today

2017.09.13 | Conference

Human Futures' annual conference

A call for papers and an invitation

Roundtable discussion with Francis Fukuyama

2017.05.23 | Visit

A few notes from our roundtable discussion with Francis Fukuyama

Photo and a brief summary

Lea Skewes on Gender
Karin Christiansen on Human Enhancement
Cathrine Hasse on Education and the Posthuman

2017.04.22 | Seminar

Notes from seminar on Individuality and Collectivity

Photos and a brief summary

Peter Danholt giving an introductory talk
Keynote Annette Markham
Keynote Alfred Nordmann

2017.04.10 | Seminar

Notes from seminar on Methodological challenges for the humanities

Photos and a brief summary

2017.02.28 | Seminar

Seminar: Methodological challenges for the humanities

Seminar in April.

2017.02.27 | Seminar

Seminar on individuality and collectivity

The research project "Human Futures" will host a small seminar on agency, politics and research with a focus on gender and bioethics.

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