The semi-field: implications for sociality, publics, and knowledge

A seminar with Noortje Marres (Warwick University) hosted by the research programme for Future Technology, Culture and Learning at DPU

2017.05.15 | Tenna Foustad Harbo

Date Fri 22 Sep
Time 14:15 16:00
Location Copenhagen

Noortje Marres, photo: Fabian Stuertz

The presentation will investigate a phenomon particular to digital societies, the formation of semi-fields (Kelly, 2012) in everyday environments. These are networked spaces, configured across mundane settings like roads and homes, which are organised to facilitate controlled forms of measurement and feed-back but “natural" enough to enable spontaneous interaction. Marres will discuss empirical cases of semi-field formation, focusing on domestic and street trials of so-called intelligent technologies, with the aim of clarifying implications for public engagement and inquiry. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion among the seminar participants

Location: DPU, Aarhus University, Research Programme for Future Technolgy, Culture and Learning, Building J ('The Villa'), Emdrupvej 54, 2400 Copenhagen NV.


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Tags: Human Futures, DPU, Noortje Marres